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Maluk Medical Centre



Maluk Medical Centre (former links with Bairo Pite Clinic) has
been an international project for the RCR for many years.
The Corona virus is a major problem in Timor-Leste however
it actually resulted in considerable growth of Maluk as the
Maluk infrastructure, and access to remote villages, made it
an excellent partner for the government to disseminate aid.
It was so professionally handled by the Maluk team the
organisation was awarded significant additional government

Then the disastrous floods we have seen in the news.
Major rescue programs were mounted including examination
of water damaged supplies to see what could be salvaged.


Rotary club of Richmond response

The Club committed $5,000  to be donated to Maluk. 

$1,000 of this came from a donation via Isabel’s work at the Rotary Fair Trade Shop.



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