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The Rotary Foundation is funding  that is used for Rotary international projects.

There are two funds, one being the Annual Fund and the other
being the Permanent Fund.


The Annual Fund is the money that is given to Rotary International and held for three years, in which the interest earned during the three years pays for the administration for the Foundation running costs and then after the three
years the money is released for use.

The Permanent Fund is money held and never used, but the interest from that money is released each year for use to the Rotary Clubs.

The annual fund money is used for the following projects:-

Vocational Training Teams
Post Graduate Scholarships
Rotary World Peace Fellowships
Rotary Peace and Conflict Study Program
Rotary Foundation Humanitarian Grants
District Grants
Global Grants


Matching Grants
We applied for an International District Matching Grant.
This is for the cost of a Container to be shipped to Somaliland. The container is to be filled with hospital equipment. Refer to the International Report for the information about the hospital and contents of the container.

We were successful in getting the grant and the container was be shipped to Somaliland.

Club Contribution
The Club and members contributed to the Rotary year to the Foundation.

Mark Dwyer

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